• The new branding of Chateau Lestevenie

The new branding of Chateau Lestevenie

The new labels have arrived and we are very excited to share the new look of Chateau Lestevenie with you.  The significance of the “T” is that it represents our surname (Terblanche) and the shape of a single vine that is deeply rooted at the bottom of the label.  The balance of life is also depicted here – with the foliage on the left representing our artistic side and the simple writing on the right, our professional academic side.  The familiar hare has now found his new position on the back label.
Change is never without challenges but we are very pleased to know that our predecessors (Humphrey and Sue) are also delighted with this new look.


The 2021 vintage is now available! 

Continuing with the theme of the new labels, we would like to inform you that the 2021 Bergerac Rouge (a blend of equally proportioned Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet franc) and the 2021 Bergerac Rosé (vinified from Cabernet Sauvignon) is now available for sale.

The 2021 Rosé pairs perfectly with sea food dishes and soft cheeses while the 2021 Rouge is a great companion with meat platters and pasta dishes.

Get your orders in for these new wines by emailing us at info@chateaulestevenie.com


Tasting event in London – save the date!

We have great news for all our UK customers who are always asking how they can get hold of their beloved Chateau Lestevenie wines.  We will host an exclusive Chateau Lestevenie tasting and sales event during the first weekend of October 2022, just south-west of London in Weybridge.  You will be able to place pre-orders to pick up your wine at the event or taste and buy during the event, including the latest 2021 vintages.
More information about the location and tasting times will be given in the next newsletter as well as our facebook and Instagram sites.For more information and pre-orders, please contact us at info@chateaulestevenie.com


The summer evening events

We hosted 2 summer evening events during July and August this year.  We had such a great turn out and everybody enjoyed the evenings with food from a pop-up restaurant, a DJ playing fantastic music and of course our Chateau Lestevenie wines to complement the social atmosphere.  There is one more event remaining in August for which we are fully booked.  Thank you for joining us at these events and we look forward to seeing you again next year.